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SLC FAQ 2022

1. I have a student that would like to compete in an event at SLC. The member can attend on Monday, but will not be able to attend on Tuesday. Will the member be able to compete on Monday?

90% of the competitive events happen on Monday, with mostly second rounds occurring on Tuesday. Not all events have two rounds. For example, if your member is participating in an event such as Health Care Photography that only has one round, and the member would be able to just attend one day.

2. A few students would still like to take some knowledge tests, but will be gone over the actual state days. I told them they would still have to pay the 40 dollars, but could at least take the tests as a means to compete, since they will be gone for break. Is that correct?

Yes, that is correct!

3. I have a midterm graduation student, so graduating at semester, would she still be able to compete with us? 

Yes, we are happy to have her at SLC! She would just need to register under your chapter affiliation and attend as a member with you.

4. Will the SLC Dates change again?

The March 13-15, 2022 date will NOT change, as this is the time that UNO is on spring break and Mammel Hall is available. We did a lot of research into potential venues and dates, but unfortunately, Nebraska HOSA does not have the budget to rent a hotel conference center for our conference, and our original venue (UNMC) is not able to allow large groups onto campus this year due to Covid. 

5. Do I (the advisor) need to attend SLC with the members?

YES! We require an advisor from the HOSA members’ school to attend the conference with them, and if the advisor is not able to attend, another chaperone would have to be approved by the school. The advisor/chaperone is responsible for members’ safety and conduct at SLC. 

6. Will SLC be in person or hybrid?

At this time, we are planning to have an in-person conference (not hybrid or virtual). If students want to compete but cannot come to state, they can compete in the online testing events that are open for testing between February 9-23, 2022. However, they would still be required to pay the full registration fee for SLC, which we are keeping at $40 this year. We just really want as many chapters as possible to be able to attend in person because of the wonderful keynotes, breakout sessions, competitions, vendors, and networking that will be at the conference.

7. What is the cost to attend SLC?

The cost per member and advisor is $40. This cost includes all competitive events, sessions, and tours. T-shirts are an additional charge of about $15.

8. How many events can a member participate in?

Members can compete in one testing event that is completed before SLC, one skills-based event at SLC, HOSA Bowl, and unlimited recognition events. Each chapter is limited to two HOSA Bowl teams. If you and your students have any questions about which category events fall into, you can look at this resource. You can also reach out to our VP of Competitive Events, Allyson Lanham:¬†[email protected].¬†Allyson is very knowledgeable about the events!