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Competitive Events Expo

The Competitive Events Expo will be held Saturday, November 18, 2023 at The Career Academy in Lincoln, NE. The purpose of this event is to showcase some of the HOSA Competitive Events that are offered at the Nebraska HOSA State Leadership Conference. Members will practice skills and engage in some friendly competition with their peers. Nebraska HOSA will bring in partners and professionals to present in the sessions and teach Competitive Event skills.

Competitive Events Expo Objectives:

  • Members will identify Competitive Events that they are interested in participating in at State Leadership Conference (SLC).
  • Members will practice HOSA Competitive Event skills following demonstrations by professionals.
  • Advisors will learn how to integrate Competitive Events into the classroom and make a plan for helping their members prepare for SLC.
  • Advisors will make Competitive Event skills kits that their members can use to practice for competition.

Cost: $15 per member. Lunch is provided for all attendees.

Dress Code: HOSA shirt or business casual shirt with nice jeans/pants OR scrubs

Registration will be open October 23 to November 3, 2023.