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Affiliation Process

The 2023-2024 Membership year brings the challenge of achieving another year of membership growth for HOSA. The Nebraska HOSA Board of Directors, State Advisor, and State Officer Team are ready to assist in meeting this challenge. Let us know how we can be helpful.

The Affiliation Process is online and it is easy! All chapters affiliate through the HOSA web site at We look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions that would improve the online affiliation process. The step by step affiliation instructions are below.

Membership Dues*Due date:

Within 30 days of registration or before attending any event, whichever comes first.
How do I pay?

Access invoices & pay through National HOSA collects these payments and sends half of the payment to Grafton Accounting for Nebraska HOSA.*
What if my chapter doesn’t pay?
Registration for that year’s SLC will be blocked until payment is received.

*National HOSA (HOSA, Inc.) keeps track of membership dues (NOT conferences), and if you contact National HOSA, they can only tell you what you owe for membership dues. Nebraska HOSA keeps track of all conference fees and has the records of your membership dues, so if you have a question about ANY dues or fees, contact Jamelyn Denny.

Internet Affiliation Instructions

  1. The first step in using the internet affiliation system is to email your HOSA State Advisor- Jamelyn Denny. If you affiliated last year, your charter number (username) and password will be the same this year.
  2. With your chapter’s password and national charter number, go to the following link and enter your charter number and password – Affiliate. 
  3. After successfully logging in, you should reach the main menu. To access instructions for online affiliation, please click on the first link in the main menu. It is recommended that you review the instructions if you are unfamiliar with the online affiliation system. HOSA affiliation fees are a total of $20 per member – $10 for Nebraska HOSA and $10 for National HOSA.

Affiliation Instructions with Images