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Alumni Membership


Former members of HOSA are encouraged to become alumni members!

Any student that is a HOSA member graduating from high school or completing their postsecondary/collegiate program is eligible to become a HOSA alumni member. Alumni members have the privileges of active members with the exception that they cannot vote, hold office, or compete. Membership provides the following benefits:

  • Create professional networking opportunities
  • Conduct workshops
  • Serve as judges at state and international leadership conferences
  • Serve as a mentor to a HOSA member
  • Be involved in regional, state, and international activities where they exist

Suggested participation includes

  • Assisting the advisor of your local chapter
  • Volunteering to assist in activities at the regional, state, and international level
  • Serving as a local chapter mentor
  • Judging events
  • Serving as a competitive event section leader
  • Presenting and/or assisting with workshops
  • Connecting your healthcare agency to NE HOSA
  • Providing testimonials of how HOSA has impacted your life

How to become a HOSA Alumni Member

  • Complimentary alumni membership is available at both the state and international level
  • Go to and affiliate as an alumnus