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State Leadership Conference

Intro & Detailed information

The Nebraska HOSA | Future Health Professional State Officers, the Board of Directors, and the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) invite you to attend the Nebraska HOSA State Leadership Conference (SLC). The conference will bring together future health professionals from across Nebraska to experience HOSA at its absolute best.

The State Leadership Conference (SLC) is not simply a time to pick the perfect competition, prepare the skill, and hone your craft, and finally perform to possibly win a medal. This is the time when over 800 members, advisors, and industry partners come together for inspirational speakers, leadership workshops, professional development, career guidance, and to give it their
all at this culmination of another successful Nebraska HOSA year. There is plenty to keep every attendee busy! Competitors are recognized, officers are sworn in, and scholarships are presented during the excitement-filled State Leadership Conference. SLC is not just for the competitor; alumni and industry partners are more than welcome to be involved in various areas of Nebraska’s State Leadership Conference!

Throughout the conference attendees will have the opportunity to meet many fellow Nebraska HOSA members who share dreams of changing the world.  Stand proudly and cheer your chapter, represent your school’s hard work at the state meetings, experience educational and leadership workshops, and for many attendees showcase your abilities in the Nebraska HOSA Competitive Events program.  Get ready, prepare well, do your best, and make this an experience
of a lifetime.

This years State Leadership Conference will be in person March 27th-29th.

  1. For all of the information on SLC please see the Conference Registration Guide
  2. Registration is open TBD
  3. Online Testing is open TBD
  4. Competitive Events
    • Please remember that students are only allowed to compete in 1 online and 1 in-person event this year, plus 2 HOSA Bowl teams from each school.
    • To access the updated Competitive Event Guide for 2020-2021 click the link below.
    • Competitive Events are offered through Tallo and live events as well.
  5. Scholarships
  6. SLC Breakout Topics
    • If there are any topics or speakers that your students would be interested in hearing from at SLC please send those topics to me ASAP so that we can try to arrange the best speakers possible.

A Nebraska HOSA SLC website will are created and shared where all SLC sessions will be hosted from and results of competitive events can also be viewed. More information to come!


  • What is the deadline for material to be submitted to Tallo?
    • All Materials are due to Tallo by March 10th.
  • What calculators can be used for the Medical Math test? 
    • Basic handheld calculators (no graphing calculators) for addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and square root.
  • How can we receive our awards/medals from last year? 
    • Most awards were sent in the boxes with the t-shirts and other SLC materials, if you did not receive yours they are still at my office and I will send them as soon as I am allowed back in. 
  • I am just wondering if there is a document with the events, descriptions, and requirements somewhere for 2021 that I can print and project to get students excited and registered?
  • What are “Live Essays?”

A: Since SLC is virtual this year, there may be some uncertainty when it comes to each chapter having all of the materials they need for their Emergency Preparedness and Health Professions Event skills. The live essays will consist of prompts given out in real-time during SLC that competitors must complete virtually regarding the second round of their events. The essay prompts will be related to their skills, asking questions similar to what a judge would ask at in-person SLC. The essays will be administered, proctored, and accessed through Tallo.

In order for competitors to prepare for these written essays, they should study their skills, event guidelines, and any reading materials like normal. If they place in the top 3 at our State Leadership Conference, they will still have to do their skills normally at ILC if we have an in-person conference, so be sure to let members know to practice their in-person skills to prepare for both ILC and the live essays. 

  • When videos will be uploaded to Tallo, can they be pre-recorded?

A: Yes! This year, if you are presenting for your event, in Health Career Display for example, you can record your presentation under the given time limit explicitly listed in your guidelines, and submit it through Tallo to be judged in Round 2 of your event. However, no editing of video footage is permitted. Please do not use special effects, voice overs, other clipped resources, music, or any other video editing technique that wouldn’t make the video seem like you’re communicating with the judges in the room. 

  • Is the entire conference pre-recorded?

A: Some sessions will be recorded and made available at your convenience during the conference, while others, like the opening ceremony on Sunday, March 21, will be live. More information regarding the live and pre-recorded sessions will be made available soon. 

  • Can Members still apply for State Officer?
    • Yes!! Applications are now due March 5th on TALLO.

Virtual Dress Code


Nebraska HOSA has developed this Dress Code to be used as a guide for students as they prepare for the State Leadership Conference and as a teaching tool for Advisors as they speak to professional dress at HOSA events. Please note that this dress code only applies to events taking place in a virtual environment. 

Please note that no bonus points will be given or taken away from students in their competitive event due to dress code violations for the 2020-2021 year. 

Dress Code Types

As relates to Nebraska HOSA and the upcoming State Leadership Conference, there are three type of dress codes that students may be asked to follow:

  • Virtual Work

The most casual and informal ‘dress code’. The Virtual Work dress code is what many people wear to work independently in their own homes with the expectation that they will not see their coworkers either in person or via a virtual meeting. 

Anything goes with this dress code from pajamas to sweatpants to jeans. As long as you are comfortable in your environment.

Instances where Virtual Work Dress Code is acceptable: Knowledge Test & Pre-Recorded Sessions at SLC

  • Virtual Casual

With Virtual Casual dress, you can prioritize your own comfort while also being prepared for a video meeting or event. Sweatpants and other comfortable pants options are acceptable as you will most likely only be seen from the waist up. Your top can be casual as long as it is school appropriate and clean.

Instances where Virtual Casual is acceptable

  • Live Sessions at SLC (Award Ceremonies, etc.)
  • Live Essays
  • Virtual Business Professional

The Virtual Business Professional dress code is for those days when you need to dress to impress. Think about what you would wear for an important meeting, presentation or interview that is happening virtually.

Instances where Virtual Business Professional Clothing is required:

  • Live Sessions of Events (Round 2)
  • Pre-Recorded Videos and Presentations

National HOSA Dress Code Guidelines:

Dress Code Examples

Pre Recorded Video Guidelines

Submission Summary

Pre-Recorded Video submissions will allow Nebraska HOSA competitors to synthesize their event submission and convince the judges that their project should advance to the second round. Videos should be between 45 and 60 seconds and give a general overview of the student’s submission, and should include the following elements:

  1. Basic Information- Competitor Number(s), Chapter Name/ Number, Event Name, Project Name and Project overview

Dress Code

Students are expected to wear Virtual Business Professional dress in their Summary Video Submissions. For the 20/21 year, no bonus points will be awarded or taken away for Dress Code violations.

Refer to the Virtual Dress Code Guidelines for more details. 

Video Guidelines

Length- Videos should follow National HOSA guidelines presentation time limit. 

Format- Videos should be submitted by using an online link that directs to your   publicly accessible summary video. Suggested platforms for uploads:

  • YouTube
  • Google Drive
  • Vimeo
  • DropBox

Team Participation (Team Events Only)- All team members should actively participate in the Summary Video Submission and each should be seen or heard at least once in the Video Submission. 

Video Content

Basic Information– The following information must be included in the finished video:

  • Competitor(s) Numbers– to protect the privacy of our students under 18, please refrain from using the full names of Competitors
  • Chapter Name and Number– Reach out to your chapter advisor if you don’t know your chapter number.
  • Event Name– Which event are you competing in?
  • Project Name– What is the name of your project?
  • Project Overview– Briefly explain the key elements of your project. What is your event topic? What were the key activities that you participated in for this project? 
  • Project Presentation/Speech/Content– This is the element of your event that will be judged most intensely. Present your event like you would at a State or International Leadership Conference.

Reminder: Have fun with your videos! This year is a special one, and HOSA competitors can really perfect and make incredible and creative presentations. Think outside the box, adhere to your event guidelines, and do the best you can. 

Video Examples

Please note that these examples were pulled from the National HOSA Event archive and may not directly correlate to these guidelines.

Individual Events:

Team Events:

2021 SLC Pre-Recorded Video Rubric
Video Guidelines12345Score
LengthVideos should follow National HOSA guidelines presentation time limit.Videos should follow National HOSA guidelines presentation time limit.
FormatVideo is inaccessible for viewing. Presenter(s) cannot be heard.Video can be viewed, but was not submitted through a public link.Video is submitted via a publicly accessible link. Presenter(s) can be heard and understood.
Team ParticipationNo team members appear or are heard from in the video. Some team members appear and are heard from  in the video. All team members actively participated in the video. 
Video Content12345Score
Basic InformationVideo does not address any basic information. Video addresses two of the elements listed under ‘Basic Information.’Video addresses three of the elements listed under ‘Basic Information.’Video addresses four of the elements listed under ‘Basic Information.’Video addresses all elements listed under ‘Basic Information.’
Competitive Event Content’Video does not address the project.Event/project is mentioned, but not clearly explained or shown in the video.Video includes project elements, and a brief explanation. The project is clearly explained. The project is clearly and explained. Competitors are able to outline their event in a compelling and professional way.